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Studienfahrt der Kurse 12 EKL2 und 12EL4 nach Rimini, Italien

In der Woche vor den Herbstferien begaben sich die SchülerInnen der Stammkurse 12EKL2 und 12 EL4 gemeinsam mit ihren Lehrerinnen Frau Meurer und Frau Wasem, tatkräftig unterstützt von Herrn Schmidt, auf den Weg an die italienische Adriaküste, nach Rimini. Die Aufgabenverteilung unter den Kursteilnehmern wurde bereits im Vorfeld eindeutig geregelt. Während die GeographieschülerInnen aus Frau Meurers Kurs im Laufe unseres Aufenthaltes mit fachwissenschaftlichen Inhalten und akkurat vorbereiteten Vorträgen zu verschiedenen kulturellen, historischen und geographischen Themen glänzten, übernahmen die SchülerInnen des Englischkurses von Frau Wasem die redaktionellen Aufgaben der Kursfahrt und verfassten im Nachgang zur Kursfahrt Kurzberichte der einzelnen Tage in ihrer Lieblingssprache Englisch, die im Folgenden zu lesen sind.

Our journey to Rimini
On 21 September 2019 at 10 pm, we started our journey from Westerburg to Rimini in Italy, with some people more motivated than others. Until midnight, the students successfully fought the will to sleep and played some Mario Kart on their old Nintendos. But after 1 am the bus turned silent and the only sound you could hear came from the engine. Some students refused to sleep, but at some point everyone got a few hours of sleep. During the stops our bus driver had to do, you were able to discover some annoyed and tired faces of the other students. But where was our stop at a McDonald's restaurant? Well, as it turns out there never was one. All in all, our part of travelling through Germany and the Alpes at night went really well.
When the first sunlight hit the eyes of the way-too sleepy students, suddenly life came into our bus. Talking about the rather bad weather and all the hurting bones made it easier to wake up. Getting closer to Rimini, you could really feel the growing excitement of the Ms Wasem and Mrs Meurer's students. After arriving at the hotel, a group of very hungry boys instantly went to a local pizzeria. Dinner at the hotel was at 6 pm and after that we went to the beach and were greeted by a heavy rainfall. Back home at the hotel, the students split up into smaller groups and from there on stayed in their rooms until 10 pm. Of course without any problems everyone lay in their bed at 10 pm sharp and started sleeping very soon.

Our trip to Ravenna
On Monday, September 23 we visited Ravenna which is 50 km north of Rimini. It has been the capital city of the Western Roman Empire from 402 until this empire collapsed in 476. It is known for its well-preserved late Roman and Byzantine architecture, with eight buildings comprising the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
First, we went to see a very famous church called San Vitale and the Mausoleum next to it.
When we arrived at the church San Vitale, we listened to Joel's presentation and then went into the church.
The building is one of the most important examples of early Christian Byzantine art and architecture in Europe. The church has an octagonal plan and it is most famous for its wealth of Byzantine mosaics. On the ground, there is a labyrinth that symbolizes the way of purification and spiritual rebirth. It was great to see the huge columns and hard to imagine how they were built without using any of the machines we have nowadays.
Afterwards, we went to the Mausoleum and felt like something put us into another world. The entire Mausoleum is covered with mosaic pictures in an extraordinary condition.
Despite the rain, we did not give up discovering the city of Ravenna, which is famous for its churches and its art. The streets of the historic center are very typical Italian, narrow but beautiful and adorned with mosaic tiles, which are very amazing and particular. In contrast to the streets, most buildings are ugly and not neat, which affects some of the beauty of the city.
The next sight we visites was the church Sant’Apollinare Nuovo. On the upper band of the left lateral wall there are 13 small mosaics depicting Jesus' miracles and parables and on the right wall there are 13 mosaics depicting Jesus' Passion and Resurrection.
After visiting the church, we finally had time to eat something, but first we had to stop at Zara to shop a little bit. Then, we found an amazing restaurant recommended by Michele´s cousin and enjoyed traditional Italian food.
Although the weather was not so nice, we had a great time in Ravenna especially at Zara, where Noah experienced a “fashion-rebirth”. Ravenna is a city that combines all aspects of a typical Italian city. We had an amazing time there, would revisit it and also recommend it for further trips to Italian beautiful Adriatic Coast.

Our trip to San Marino
On Tuesday, 24th September we left Italy and visited the state of San Marino. It is located on the mountain ´Titano` and the most important sights are the fortress and its three towers.
When we arrived in one of the oldest republics of the world, some of the other students presented some interesting facts about the city and the fortress. They told us, for example, how the city has developed through time: It started as a retreat for Christian refugees and became bigger from time to time. We made our way through the fortress and saw the walls, the court, some prisons and many other features of the huge buildings. We could also ascend two of the towers via steep staircases and narrow hatches; there we had a great view over San Marino, even though the weather was very foggy and grey at that time. Nevertheless, it was possible to take some photos of the scenery and the fortress as the clouds started to disappear at midday. After that, we had some free time that many students used to eat something, take pictures and visit the `Museo della tortura` (museum of torture). There, the most terrible methods of torture were presented and explained. An example is the so-called ´wheel`, for which all of the person's bones were broken to strain him/her over a wheel which was then trundled over nails.
Then, we returned to the bus and went back to Rimini. The closer we came to our destination, the better was the weather: The sun started to shine and it became really warm which is why many of the students decided to continue the day at the beach. It was the first sunny and hot day of the week, so it was a great pleasure to jump into the water which served as a refreshment. Later, many students enjoyed the calm atmosphere and relaxed at the beach, whereas others did some sports, such as soccer or Frisbee.
Having spent a wonderful afternoon at the beach, we returned to our hotel to take a shower and have dinner. After that, most of the students met in one of the rooms to end the day in a nice way and spend more time together.

Our trip to Venice
On Wednesday, we traveled to Venice. Venice is an island that consists of 120 small islands which are connected by 400 bridges.
Venice seems to be a big and beautiful city, but it also has many problems. One problem is the mass tourism in Venice. Because of that, there are many people who refuse to live there and overall, this huge annual number of tourists causes a high pollution of the city and incessant noise. More problems are the high water level in Venice and the floods. Additionally, the water around Venice is dirty because the sewage water runs into the lagoon of Venice.
Walking through Venice, you can see many things. First, we went to the Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs). Afterwards, we went to the Piazza di San Marco (St. Mark's Square), where you can find the St. Mark’s Basilica, the Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace) and the St Mark’s Campanile .
At the end of our trip, we went to the Ponte di Rialto which spans the impressive Canale Grande.
All in all, Venice is a very unique and beautiful city and it is very impressive. However, there are too many people, the streets are too narrow and you have no place to sit if you do not want to pay a lot of money for it.
We are very glad about our visit to Venice, but we would not visit it for a second time.

Our trip to the centre of Rimini
After breakfast on our last day, we set out for the centre of Rimini and Noah Z. started to conduct his presentation of the Italian car company Ferrari.
After arriving in the centre of Rimini, a visit to the `Tempio Malatestiano`, a cathedral from the 13th century, followed. There, Yara, Zoe and Sophie conducted another presentation about Rimini. The next sight was the castle `Sismondo`from the 15th century. Before we split up in groups to discover the city individually, Alexander explained a few aspects of the history of Rimini to us.
Then, we went into the city on our own to taste the great Italian food one last time, to drink a coffee and enjoy the Italian lifestyle. In the afternoon, we went back to the hotel with a stopover at the supermarket, where everybody bought something to eat for the way back home on the next day.
Shortly after returning to our hotel, we met at the beach to relax in the sun, go swimming or to play Frisbee on our last day. In the evening, after dinner, we met with the teachers at 9.30 pm, who had the idea to organise a wine tasting. At the beach we were divided into pairs and had to evaluate the taste of the different wines. It was really funny and with a quick stop in the sea, we got back to the hotel to rest before our long trip home.
On the next day, we got up early to have breakfast in the hotel for the last time and to bring our suitcases to the bus. At 8.30, we started our way back home to Germany. Because of a traffic jam in Switzerland, we had to make a detour to avoid the Gotthard Tunnel. Therefore, we were able to enjoy the breath-taking landscape of Switzerland at an altitude of 3000 meters, because our bus driver chose to use the Gotthard Pass instead. As we were exhausted from the past days, we used the bus tour to get some sleep. After a long bus ride, we arrived at our school in Westerburg at one 1am on Saturday.

After all, one can say that it was a really exciting and wonderful trip to Rimini. Everyone got along well with each other and the school trip brought us closer together, even though we were a large group.

texts and photos: students 12 EL4